Meet The Moonstream Team

We are a distributed team of nerds with very strong expertise in math, software engineering, machine learning, and cryptography. Members of our team worked at Google, at OpenAI and other great companies.

We believe that the crypto world opens opportunities for financial inclusion. Meaning that people from all walks of life and financial situations can have a new source of income. We are passionate about developing technology that helps people become active participants in this field and take advantage of this opportunity. We’re striving to debunk harmful stereotypes and make the crypto field more inclusive.


Values that we share within our team:

  • Be bold
  • Be curious
  • Don’t be an ass
  • And always be kind to each other

We are always looking to hire new talents, regardless of their backgrounds. If you are interested in working with us, send us a message at

Our engineering team

Neeraj Kashyap


Founder. Number theorist. Loves playing chess while programming. Fan of GO, backgammon, and video games.

Sergei Sumarokov


Keeper of Secrets. Likes information security since childhood, loves mountains and goes hiking from time to time. Had a close call with a wild bear in a forest once.

Andrey Dolgolev


Wizard. Loves mountains, bicycling, and hiking. A practicing Python wizard. Also likes to cook and play the guitar in between data witchcraft.

Kellan Wampler


News junkie. Reformed mathematician. Fantasy Football enthusiast. Enjoys sudoku and its variants. Follows artificial intelligence scene for Chess and Go. Experiments with grilling recipes.

Ishkhan Balgudanian


Lighter. Designer to the bone. Constantly working on self-development. Sometimes plays guitar and ukulele. Loves meat, went from well done to blue rare in a few months.

Anton Mushnin


Interface enthusiast. Loves water to swim in, dive deep into, yacht on, and drink (especially in wine). Chef - you could see him baking crepes at the Parisian market. Passionate about rugby and chess.

Our marketing and growth team

Sophia Aryan


Dreamer. An alien who pretends to be a human. So far so good. Loves ecstatic dance, being alone in nature and dreaming.

Daria Navoloshnikova


Mediator. Loves stand-up comedy and crying at nights. Volunteered at a horse farm once. Portrait artist, puts the pain in painting.

Dasha Bochkareva


Born explorer. Always in search of something new to master. Enjoys being close to the sea. Loves yoga, dogs and dancing. Can walk 30km when under stress.

Ceilidh Orr


Storyteller. Deposed scholar turned labyrinth keeper. Enjoys long, impenetrable novels and deep-dives into the arcana of sci-fi and fantasy worlds. Growing a love of in-game herbs and potions into a real-life garden.

Manuel Olumorin


Sage. Loves listening to music, admiring imposing structures, both natural and man-made, and searching for the new. Can get lost in hypothetical conversations.

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