Get live actionable data about player activity in your game. Moonstream Analytics combines both on-chain data and off-chain data from your game server.

Transparency is key in web3 space. That’s where Moonstream’s web3 game analytics come in. Watch a smart contract or a wallet activity in real-time. Create public data streams to help players build strategies.

Influence your game’s economy based on data:
  1. Create loyalty programs and reputation systems.
  2. Predict the changes in supply and price of different tokens.
  3. Study competitors and capture the most valuable users from competing economies.
  4. Secure your smart contracts.


Use Moonstream-backed Leaderboards to automate web3 game rewards.

Display the gaming data you crawled with Moonstream Analytics. Instead of a boring list of wallets and their scores, you can have leaderboards for NFTs, or even just game accounts (usernames, emails, etc.). Show players their scores and rewards on your website or game client.

Use Leaderboards as a game design tool. Add a competitive element to your game mechanics: create engagement for specific gameplay elements by attaching Leaderboards to them.

Leaderboards have been extensively used by Crypto Unicorns for launching popular gaming events since 2022 and are being implemented by projects like Crypto-Guilds and MetaBoy.


Use Moonstream to distribute ERC20 tokens, NFTs, items, or achievements to your community. All you have to do is upload a spreadsheet listing the amount that each community member should receive.

Our smart contracts and APIs handle the rest. Integrate your frontends or game clients with our APIs for full control over the claim experience.

Gaming projects have used Moonstream to drop over $80,000,000 worth of tokens and items to date.

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