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Tune your game, run leaderboards for on-chain and off-chain activity, analyze player behavior, catch and fix exploits, distribute rewards, and more.

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Your life made easier with automated tools

Simple LiveOps tools that plug into your infrastructure.



Rank players by engagement. Create sinks by assigning scores to token specific in-game, on-chain, off-chain, and social media actions.
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Measure your players’
on‑chain and off‑chain activities.
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Distribute on-chain rewards to the players at the top of your leaderboards.
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Manage your game’s economy in 3 simple steps

Get started

Create a Moonstream account to access the Portal, or contact us to request a demo.

Set up your LiveOps

Create engaging in-game events with leaderboards and on-chain game mechanics as sinks, distribute rewards with drops, and track your successes with live analytics.

Share LiveOps experiences with your players

Share your LiveOps experience with your players with the Moonstream Portal or on your UI through the API.

Use Moonstream if you are a...


Get your game to market faster and maintain your game economy’s sustainability.

Game designer

Direct player engagement and game economy with leaderboards and drops. Test your on-chain game design before and after launch with real-time analytics that support testnets.

Community manager

Offer players more ways to contribute to and improve the game. Create a core reward loop and introduce more competitive elements. Drive player engagement and retention.

Game developer

Make LiveOps easy with real-time analytics and infrastructure tools. Put the right systems in place to correct hyperinflation and catch exploits. Add automation to your web3 game development.

What our clients say

"We chose Moonstream for security and trust. Moonstream is a huge part of our LiveOps process and has made it a lot more efficient and easy."

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Aron Beierschmitt, founder


"Moonstream has been doing exactly what we needed in a very easy way: upgradeable NFTs with inventory slots for badges, items, etc. Everything we need was already developed by Moonstream and ready to go."

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Jeremie Henicz, founder


Build sustainable game economies
Improve player retention and player engagement; support your blockchain integration.

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