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We build mechanisms that control web3 game economies. Create economic loops that reward your players with Moonstream’s analytics, leaderboards, and drops. Watch your game economy flourish.


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Looking for another EVM blockchain integration?

Contact us, we can add it in a couple of days.


Slowed down by building your own tools for web3 game economy design? Don’t be, Moonstream already has game design tools that you can use.

Transparent and Open Source

We build our technology in the open. Consider giving us a star on GitHub to support innovation in the web3 gaming space ⭐

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Our Workflow

Step 1

So you decided to build a healthy economy on the blockchain. You are on the rightpath, traveler!

Step 2

Reach out to us on Discord. We'll get back to you within 3 days to schedule a call or make a partnership proposal.

Step 3

Onboard and create utility for your web3 game integration. Moonstream has the best tools for game design to get you started.


You're at the end of your blockchain development journey now, traveler. Time to watch your game economy grow!

Have something to discuss before signing up? Join our Discord to get in touch with the team (@zomglings).


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